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Need Some Help

There was a great Tumblr post from a few weeks ago that I’m looking to find: a large collection of tweets from a writer discussing how the Colorado drug legalization law was written to the advantage of the privileged and to the disadvantage of poor communities and how drug legalization should not be seen as the answer in terms of the unfair, racist mass incarceration of African-Americans. If anyone could point me in the direction of that post, I’d really appreciate it.


Whole bunch of movie dude-bro’s in my twitter feed are going apeshit over that Lorde Rolling Stones cover because (gasp) she’s wearing a Cramps t-shirt.

Guarantee none of them have ever listened to an entire Cramps record, but yet they’re the sad, sagging, popcorn bellied middle-age authority on all things punk. 

"It’s a fashion accessory!" 

As opposed to what? Do you honestly think that buying a shirt for a band or artist means anything? Have you honestly fooled yourself into thinking there is an attached special weight to your bullshit, nostalgia tinged idea of consumerism?

I don’t even like Lorde that much. But I mind her a hell of a lot less than stupid, know-it-all dude-bro’s on twitter.

The median Twitter account has a single follower. Among the much smaller subset of accounts that have posted in the last 30 days, the median account has just 61 followers.”

On the other hand, if anyone is paying any attention to you on Twitter, than slap yourself on the back. You are Twitter Famous!

By Bruner’s count, it takes a mere 458 followers to land in the top 10 percent of  all Twitter users. It takes 2,991 followers to crack the top one percent.*

(Almost) No One Is Reading Your Tweets (via brooklynmutt)

Yeah, I really needed science and math to tell me this.
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Here are the Twitter Pages of the Four Democrats That Killed Gun Control Today

Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas

Senator Max Baucus of Montana

Senator Mark Begich of Alaska

Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota

Be sure to drop them a line and let them know how you feel, won’t you?

Raise some hell. 

My colleagues and I blew up UMASS Boston and Twitter with our presentation on Service Learning today, and people seemed to be especially receptive to my use of The Wire (Season 4) as a Film & Society text that examines issues with public education, political corruption and urban decay. 

It’s a small thing, but other than that moment when you can actually see a student come to an understanding about a new concept, it’s about as good as it gets.

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Twitter: the place where thirteen year old ignorant people can broadcast their firm belief that only what little they know matters. Perhaps Paul McCartney was “before your time.” But so were 70’s cinema, the invention of the light bulb, the first recipe for chocolate chip cookies and, well, you know, everything else that’s worth talking about.

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