Pros and Cons of starting this work week:

Con: a coworker found an embarrassing photo shoot I did for a friend who works for a costume rental business. Lots of pictures of me in various military gear. This will not end anytime soon, I fear.

Pro: Sleater-Kinney reunited and are touring next near.

Once again, the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

Umm. She’s…rolling her eyes about how bad this movie is? 

Umm. She’s…rolling her eyes about how bad this movie is? 

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Hi, Mom! | 1970 | dir. Brian De Palma

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Slit your throat-neck. 

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there is no validation

and even if there was, it would never be good enough

"We seek work of the highest literary quality, but otherwise do not have any specific guidelines for style and subject matter. But if we’re being perfectly honest? Don’t bother sending us your writing."


“In the end, it wasn’t death that surprised her but the stubbornness of life.”
― Jeffrey Eugenides,
The Virgin Suicides

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"Men. White men." 

"Men. White men." 

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I’m sad about Robin Williams. I happily donate to ALS after seeing all these icebucket challenges.

But I’m outraged about what’s happened and continues to happen in Ferguson, MO. And I’m outraged even more that too few people seem to give a shit about it.

If a cop took away a gun from a white man we’d be hearing more outrage in the media (social media included). A innocent young black man gets shot twenty-five times and you barely hear anything. That;s our home. That’s where we live. 

We should be ashamed enough that this happens. We should be even more ashamed that this gets treated like business as usual. 

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Under the Paul Ryan poverty plan, the poor = Iran.

Paul Ryan wants to “sanction” the poor for not being successful. (via salon)

Pretty sure they’re already “sanctioned,” Paul. 

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