I’m sad about Robin Williams. I happily donate to ALS after seeing all these icebucket challenges.

But I’m outraged about what’s happened and continues to happen in Ferguson, MO. And I’m outraged even more that too few people seem to give a shit about it.

If a cop took away a gun from a white man we’d be hearing more outrage in the media (social media included). A innocent young black man gets shot twenty-five times and you barely hear anything. That;s our home. That’s where we live. 

We should be ashamed enough that this happens. We should be even more ashamed that this gets treated like business as usual. 

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Under the Paul Ryan poverty plan, the poor = Iran.

Paul Ryan wants to “sanction” the poor for not being successful. (via salon)

Pretty sure they’re already “sanctioned,” Paul. 

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suffocated by the internet

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u deserve someone who makes ur heart feel like 2:40 of hannah hunt all the time

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The club is open. #guidedbyvoices

As we get older and #stopmakingsense

And I’ll tell you why. This country is too fucking big. I honestly think…In nature, if a cell gets too big, it divides. You can’t come up with a set of rules that’s going to work for 350 million people. You’re just not. So we’re stuck. Robert Kennedy had this great quote: ‘20 percent of people are against everything, all the time.’ That’s a big number now. And you know what? ‘No’ is easy. ‘No’ doesn’t require any follow-up, commitment. ‘Yes’ is hard, ‘yes’ has to be worked on. It needs a lot of people to keep it as ‘yes.’ That’s where we’re at. When I’m president, we’re going back to the Thirteen Colonies, is what we’re going to do. It’s a weird time. Because the trajectory…Wow, I look around and I’m alarmed. I guess every generation feels that way, I don’t know, but I’m really alarmed. I talk to smart people who work in fields either, you know, neuro-cognition or social analysis, I go, ‘Am I going nuts or is this thing going a certain direction, really fast?’ All of them go, ‘You’re not imagining things.’ And I go, ‘What do we do?’ This could turn into Mad Max, like tomorrow. The fabric is so thin, I feel like.
Steven Soderbergh: on why he stopped directing movies. 

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[The Hobby Lobby decision] almost suggests that this religious claim is getting preferential treatment compared to the other hypothetical future claims that they’re talking about — and that, of course, is something the Supreme Court is not supposed to do under the free exercise laws. So it presents two sort of equally unpleasant possibilities. One is that they are going to be extremely deferential to free exercise plans in the future, which almost seems to suggest that people can get a pass from federal law just by invoking religion. Or it suggests that they’re treating this claim better, which is troubling because it’s a politically conservative Christian claim, and the Supreme Court should certainly not be more sympathetic to certain religions than others.
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My Blog Has Officially Flatlined

Might delete it soon or something. Sorry if you follow me and wonder why.