#aprilrecordaday Day 18: Favorite record Friday.

#aprilrecordaday Day 17: Rarest record in your collection. Restorations LP2 - white, green, yellow swirl. Limited to 100. As far as I know, this is the rarest. #restorations

As I-90 stretched out before him, he imagined the room where they’d be presenting that afternoon, packed with the nodding heads of thoughtful academics, scribbling away in their notebooks, tapping away at their tablets, letting out the universal exclamation of scholarly acceptance: “Hmmm.” There were several types of “hmm’s.” There was the long, drawn out M hmm, symptomatic of deep thought, a serious person turning over complex ideas in their minds, dissecting them, scapelling them apart. There was the short, sharp Hmm, always pronounced (such as it was) with an uppercase H; proclaimed mostly when one expresses a level of surprise over new information presented. Then there was the hmm that went for a ride, that seemed almost like a sentence in of itself, a roller coaster ride of critical thought. “HmmmmMMMMmmmm.” William would hear all of these hmm’s today; during his presentation, during the Q and A, at the dinner reception after where he’d network with colleagues from ivy league institutions, all sipping their cocktails as equals. He would hear all of these hmm’s and more, hmm’s he hadn’t even discovered yet, hmm’s he’d never even thought to exclaim himself. Yes, he fully acknowledged he hadn’t unlocked all the ways to exclaim quiet scholarly acceptance himself, but he was beyond certain his presentation would produce several new forms of the expression. By god, there would be hmm’s.
Gif=life sometimes.

Gif=life sometimes.

#aprilrecordaday Day 16: Record from a band who broke up. I know they toured a couple years ago. That doesn’t count. #pavement

#aprilrecordaday Day 14: Live album.

I find out about a thing today at 3pm.

Said thing will be great news if I get it. Bad news if I don’t.

I hate that kind of waiting. I’d rather not know and check relentlessly for it all day. The specificity of waiting for an exact moment in time is not my preferred kind of crazy. I prefer “chaos-crazy,” not “planned crazy. “

Anyway, it’s not that big of a deal either way, but think of me around 3pm if you don’t mind. 

#aprilrecordaday Day 13: Gatefold jacket. Paul’s Boutique.

#aprilrecordaday Day 12: Collection of an artist or a label. It’s Blur!

#aprilrecordaday Day 11: Record I bought because of the cover art. Menomena — Friend or Foe.

#aprilrecordaday Day 10: Artist that starts with a letter A. Archers of Loaf!

I wasn’t a huge fan of Attack on Memory. It had a couple of truly great songs, but as an album I found it inconsistent and lacking coherency. 

I was surprised to find Here and Nowhere Else really connect with me. I finally listened to it on the way into work the other day and have had it on repeat every spare minute since. I’m still thinking about it.

It’s a very tight album. It feels like an album, and unlike Attack on Memory, it feels much more consistent and coherent to me. It’s scrappy and ballsy and has hooks out the yang. It feels like a gut punch at times. It builds and builds to an epic conclusion.

This last song feels like the denouement and it’s one of my favorites. Good stuff.

(Source: Spotify)

#aprilrecordaday Day 9: Tri-colored vinyl. Blue with white and green starburst. One of the few Tri-colored records I own, and the only record I own from a band made up of people I know. Good people to boot!